Artist’s Profile

Portraiture is my passion. There is nothing so gratifying to mVictoriae as watching a face emerge from the canvas; I love to watch the composition grow and come to life. From an early age I have taken inspiration and guidance from the works of the old masters. The tranquillity and detail of Vermeer and the Pre-Raphaelites has been a constant influence in the development of my craft, whilst the dark drama of Caravaggio was the primary inspiration for my collection of paintings exploring themes from Shakespeare and the broader theatre. I strive to capture the essence of my subjects and use handmade paints to bring light and lustre to my work.

Ballet has drawn me in with its flow and grace, expression and movement.
I enjoy experimenting with different themes in my work; more recently I have expanded my practice into mixed media; experimental work commissioned for E.L. Heath’s recent album, Tŷ. This included traditional portraiture in oils alongside illustration in pen and graphite pencil onto wood, along with further work creating characters for a stop-motion music video.